The Little Brown Dog Workshop is my studio. My name is Bec Lewis.

I am a self-taught print maker with a particular fondness for Queenslander houses and the stories held within their walls. Living in Ipswich I am spoiled for inspiration, almost everywhere you turn you’ll find a quintessential Queensland cottage, bungalow or stately home. 

I always start with a rough pencil sketch to capture the essence of a house. I pay particular attention to the shapes and proportions of each building and exploit the lino printing material and process to give the image character – the direction of the carving can be used to portray horizontal timber cladding, a corrugated iron roof, hints of leaves in the front hedge or the variety of shapes in a stone wall. I love how the very nature of a lino print can elevate a simple line drawing and how adding additional layers to an image through collage, photography and animation can imbue the image with a bigger story and greater context within the history of my home town and more broadly the history of South East Queensland.

In addition to lino printing I am a big fan of screenprinting and combine these two techniques to produce a range of hand printed textiles and homewares.


2014 – Adrift – Collaborative Floating Fabric Sculpture commissioned for Ipswich Festival

2015 – Animating Spaces – Ipswich River Life #projectipswich Project Coordinator

2015 – House and Home – Solo Exhibition – Cactus Espresso Bar

2015 – Trash to Treasure – UPcycling Showcase – Ipswich Community Gallery

2017 – Printmaking First Prize – Ipswich Art Awards

2017 – Emerging Printmakers Prize – Ipswich Art Awards

2017 – Iconic Queensland – Qld Regional Art Awards Touring Show

2018 – Wanderlust – Queensland Regional Art Awards – Digital Art Prize

2018 – Wanderlust – Queensland Regional Art Awards Touring Show

2019 – Little Histories – Solo Exhibition – QCA Project Gallery

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